How To Cash Out On IPO Lockups

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Do You Want To Cash Out On This IPO & SPAC Trend Going On Today?

You may have been taught that an IPO is a way for you to buy into a company early.

However there is a secret to the IPO process that many people are not aware of.

This secret allows top level hedge funds like Citadel and Melvin Capital to cash out on IPO lockups because of what they call “dumb money”.

Who is the “dumb money” ?

They are the people that don’t know the real secret to IPO lockups.

You can tap into this secret and be able to create massive success in the market just like to top tier hedge funds.

You will learn how to use the IPO lockup process to create income. The method taught in this class can be repeated over and over because of how the lockup process is structured.

This course comes with:

7 "in detail" videos that explain how to leverage the lockup process to create “new money”

How to use your psychology to create the "winning edge" over the market

How not to fall in “psychological trap doors” that can stop your progress

Who is this course for ?

  • Someone who has a basic understand of the options market and desires to learn a new strategy to create more income
  • Someone who enjoys reading about companies and learning about the markets
  • Someone that is willing to apply what is taught and be consistent in application

Who is this course not for ?

  • Someone who wants something for nothing
  • Someone who desires overnight success
  • Someone who thinks the market owes them something

Have you decided you are the right person to learn and apply.......

“How To Cash Out On IPO Lockups”

Lets get started today!!!

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You'll get instant access to:

Class 1: The Real Reason Why A Company IPOs
Class 2: How To Recognize IPO Exit Plays Using Technical Analysis
Class 3: How To Find IPOs
Class 4: How To "Find The Money" Reading Company Documents
Class 5: Go To Market Plan
Class 6: Option Play Alternatives
Class 7: How Not To Get Caught In Traps Using This Strategy
Class 9: 100% ROI on QS Put Play Breakdown
Class 10: IPO Lockup 3rd Quarter 2021 Update


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How To Cash Out On IPO Lockups

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