DPA Kung Fu / Ecommerce Retargeting Mastery

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How We Get 1045% return on ad spend using “Television Style” Advertising

What is DPA Kung Fu ?

In this course you’ll learn how to avoid the mistakes most people make when launching out their DPA ads.

DPA stands for dynamic product advertising and it is the best way to retarget your prospects and turn them into buyers.

Here is what you can expect to learn inside this course

1. The one app that is the backbone of DPA Kung Fu

Finding the right app to accomplish your goals can be tedious and tiresome. We point you in the right direction to get a app that will retarget the right way and is super reliable.

2. Simplified campaign setup structure

We have proven that a simple campaign can create massive results.

Let us show you how to set up a very simple, basic and profitable campaign for DPA.

3. What conditions drive success

You don’t have to spend all your budget testing a million different things. You get the specific conditions that created the massive success for us so you can apply them to your campaign today.

4. Step by step optimization process

Once you have everything rolling you want to optimize and scale like the big guys. Inside is a paint by numbers optimization process that is so simple a child could do it.

5. Other test conditions

How you can test other conditions to find different ways to grow your campaigns and make create more revenue.

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DPA Kung Fu / Ecommerce Retargeting Mastery

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